Obama’s pandering to the Muslim Brotherhood is certain to bring us trouble in the future

In his first foreign policy speech in Egypt, President Barack Obama reached out to the Islamic community. Obama did not invite President Mubarak to attend the speech. His special guests were the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Earlier this month, political leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood were invited to the White House to meet with officials from the National Security Council. The Brotherhood is on a good-will tour of the United States to gain creditability as a legitimate organization.

The main purpose of the Brotherhood’s visit to the United States was to soften its image as a radical Islamist movement and to gain the Obama Administration’s support in its rise to power in Egypt. The only obstacle in the way of the Brotherhood’s total control of Egypt is the military. Seeking an alliance with Washington, the Brotherhood may be able to put the military under its control. Once they gain control, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups will abandon all pretence of being a democracy and create a theocracy. Under an Islamic theocracy, Democratic principles and basic human rights don’t exist; Allah doesn’t permit it.

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The Caliphate

The Muslim Brotherhood’s ultimate goal is to impose Sharia law on the entire planet under control of a single Caliphate. Since its founding in 1928, as a fascist political party, the Brotherhood has worked toward taking over Egypt by crushing any opposition. Their justification will be the Quran. The Brotherhood insists it is a non-violent movement.  Its spin off groups, like al-Qaeda, are more than ready to do its dirty work. Presently, there are Muslims associated with the Brotherhood with access to President Obama. 


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Last year during the Arab Spring, the movement was praised by the White House and the State Department as a peaceful revolution to remove a dictator. They held up the peaceful revolution as a repudiation of al-Qaeda terrorism. What is not being reported is that al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri doesn’t care how a country becomes compliant with Islam; even “not violence is fine if it works.” The Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda are busy working on Syria and taking over Libya, but before they can attack Israel, they must take over Jordan.

Once Egypt becomes a theocracy, its people will look to the United States and remember that our government helped clear the way for them to lose their rights and be forced to “submit to Allah.”

All the while, Obama will be praising them for surrendering their free will to a central government and working with their new religious dictators in preparation for Islam’s war to subjugate the West.

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