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Earth worshippers protest against the use of our natural resources for energy production.

If you’re concerned about how the EPA spends its $10 billion budget each year, fear not.

Just recently, the EPA  proudly announced a grant of $100,000 for various “environmental justice” projects in Los Angeles, Riverside, and the San Joaquin Valley.

What are your tax dollars funding to promote “environmental justice”?

Well, in 2011, the EPA provided $1 million in grants to 46 different non-profit and tribal organizations. The goal: “…we are expanding the conversation on environmentalism and advancing environmental justice in communities across the nation.”

In South Central Los Angeles, inner city youth are being taught “urban agricultural techniques” and how to grow organic foods.

A grant to Riverside is for instruction on “indoor air pollution” at schools.

A $25,000 grant went to the Greenaction For Health And Environmental Justice Project, to promote education on diesel truck “pollution” and to push for “anti-idling” truck policies.

Greenaction For Health And Environmental Justice Project is the ultimate earth-worshipping group. It is an advocate of the following manifesto on “environmental justice”:

            WE, THE PEOPLE OF COLOR, gathered together at this multinational People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit, to begin to build a national and international movement of all peoples of color to fight the destruction and taking of our lands and communities, do hereby re-establish our spiritual interdependence to the sacredness of our Mother Earth; to respect and celebrate each of our cultures, languages and beliefs about the natural world and our roles in healing ourselves; to insure environmental justice; to promote economic alternatives which would contribute to the development of environmentally safe livelihoods; and, to secure our political, economic and cultural liberation that has been denied for over 500 years of colonization and oppression, resulting in the poisoning of our communities and land and the genocide of our peoples, do affirm and adopt these Principles of Environmental Justice:

1. Environmental Justice affirms the sacredness of Mother Earth, ecological unity and the interdependence of all species, and the right to be free from ecological destruction.

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2. Environmental Justice demands that public policy be based on mutual respect and justice for all peoples, free from any form of discrimination or bias.

3. Environmental Justice mandates the right to ethical, balanced and responsible uses of land and renewable resources in the interest of a sustainable planet for humans and other living things.

4. Environmental Justice calls for universal protection from nuclear testing, extraction, production and disposal of toxic/hazardous wastes and poisons and nuclear testing that threaten the fundamental right to clean air, land, water, and food.

5. Environmental Justice affirms the fundamental right to political, economic, cultural and environmental self-determination of all peoples.

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6. Environmental Justice demands the cessation of the production of all toxins, hazardous wastes, and radioactive materials, and that all past and current producers be held strictly accountable to the people for detoxification and the containment at the point of production.

7. Environmental Justice demands the right to participate as equal partners at every level of decision-making, including needs assessment, planning, implementation, enforcement and evaluation.

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