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Young Adults Who Voted for Obama Now at 12.8% Unemployment


After almost one full term of Obama’s policies, the unemployment rate is still above 8% according to figures released on June 6, 2012.

The number of unemployed women ages 16 and over in the civilian work force increased by 780,000 from January 2009. The economy created only 80,000 jobs in June while 85,000 workers exited the workforce entirely to sign up for Social Security Disability insurance.

According to, since June 2009 3.1 million workers applied for disability benefits outnumbering the 2.6 million jobs created during the same time period.

In June 14.9% of Americans were unemployed, underemployed or had given up looking and were not counted as employed—up from 14.8% in May and 14.5% in April.

The terrible June numbers do not tell the hidden story of individual citizens losing hope after months, and in some cases years of looking for work.



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