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You Watched Them Die, Mr. President


On Friday, a local newscaster asked Barack Obama directly whether help was denied when the Benghazi consulate was under attack.

Obama equivocated and refused to answer the question—twice.

But we already know the answer.

Obama received three emails that went directly to the White House Situation Room identifying the incident as a terrorist attack in progress.

Obama watched live drone footage of the attack.

Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, the former SEALS in the CIA safe house a mile away, begged headquarters to let them help Ambassador Stevens and the other Americans when no help was dispatched. They were told to “stand down” several times. They finally disobeyed this order, doing what Americans do best—risking their lives to protect and serve. And they paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Who gave the order to “stand down”? Who gave the order not to send help?

CIA director David Petraeus said, on the same day Obama refused to say whether help was denied, that he didn’t give the order.

That leaves one person: Barack Hussein Obama.

You watched them die, Mr. President!

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