The Occupy Oakland protesters who picketed a downtown Wells Fargo Bank last week, breaking windows and spray painting messages, deposited $20,000 at another branch Wednesday.

Scratching 99 percent of your head? So are Occupy supporters and detractors.

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The Oakland camp sought Wednesday to defend voting to put its largest donation into the same big bank that they have railed against since pitching their tents in Frank H. Ogawa Plaza more than a month ago.

The choice of bank has the Twittersphere abuzz and created a rift among some supporters, who call it PR suicide and sleeping with the enemy, especially since the group last week urged people to withdraw their money from big banks.

Tweeted one Occupy supporter: “I can see the ad now: ‘People’s money is so safe here at Wells Fargo, even our sworn enemies use us for their banking needs!’ ”

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