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Are Democrats Afraid Of Hilary Clinton?…Watch This Interesting Interview And See What You Think

"Don’t cross them – otherwise a door in the floor opens up,”


It can often be an exercise in futility for one to find any scrap of content on MSNBC that fails to toe the leftist line of permitted thought. Generally, the ideologues responsible for delivering news and commentary on the struggling cable network appear to be more interested in shilling for the Obama administration than informing viewers of important events and trends.

A recent segment on “Morning Joe,” however, included some not-so-glowing remarks about the Democrat Party’s heir apparent, Hillary Clinton.

Anchor Alex Wagner, responding to an interview with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, described the general climate of intimidation some say surrounds the Clinton clan.

“Everybody knows I love the Clintons and I don’t need to say more – including Chelsea,” Reid said in the clip.

Interviewer Chuck Todd pressed the issue, however; and Reid revealed that, after endorsing Barack Obama in 2008, he still thinks the party would benefit from a vibrant primary season.

Wagner opined that Reid was likely unwilling to openly speak out against the likely nominee, however, due to her reputation.

“The fear-mongering around the Clintons is like, don’t cross them – otherwise a door in the floor opens up,” she explained.

The host noted there has been ample evidence that the Clintons keep a close eye on those they consider unsympathetic to their cause.

“There’s been a lot of reporting about the lists they keep; and we are led to believe there is this kind of Clinton industrial complex where names are kept, sins are recorded,” she continued. “Whether or not they are poring over those notes on a nightly basis would be very much up for discussion.”

Either way, she concluded, Reid’s timid response to Todd’s question appears to reveal evidence of the Clintons’ ability to intimidate others in the party.

“You can see in Harry Reid’s reaction … there is this feeling that you kind of have to plant your flag firmly for the Clintons,” she said.



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