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Would A Brokered Republican Convention Be A Good Idea?


If no candidate has the requisite number of delegates to provide a first round victory in the nominating vote at the Republican Convention, the convention becomes brokered. What happens next can get a little dodgy. Deals, sell-outs, betrayals, promises, and compromises will take place, all in the name of choosing the individual who MUST win the election in November. For 4 more years of the Manchurian Candidate president are NOT an option the United States and the American people can tolerate.

Of course, the legacy media, taking its daily broadcast talking points directly from the White House, would predictably make a big deal of the notion that the eventual Republican nominee couldn’t from the very beginning muster the necessary strength to unite Party members to the cause. But that won’t mean much in the final outcome. After all, the media will spend each and every hour of the months leading to November in perpetual attack against the Republican nominee anyway. One more issue won’t really matter much.

In fact, the biggest threat to the chosen candidate probably won’t come from the Democrat Party or its media subsidiary, but from “fellow Republicans”, especially if the nominee should actually be a favorite of the Party base…that is, a conservative!  Super-RINO’s like Karl “Tokyo” Rove would undoubtedly spend the remaining months prior to D-Day doing everything in their power to continue endearing themselves to liberal media colleagues by discrediting the Republican nominee, just as they did when they effectively destroyed the campaigns of “non-Party approved” conservatives in 2010.

Of course, the near-brokered convention of 1976 was perhaps the very best thing which could have happened to Ronald Reagan as his name was firmly cast on both Party and National stages, putting the great President in prime position for his obliteration of Jummuh Carter 4 years later.

But the American people don’t HAVE 4 years. The Manchurian Candidate President must be defeated in November by whomever the Republican Party runs and by whatever means are necessary. And the nominee, the Party and the American public MUST be prepared for a criminal onslaught by a thuggish President willing to perpetrate the most egregious, nationwide examples of voter fraud and intimidation in the nation’s history.

Though a brokered convention would be messy in that it would undoubtedly expose a fair amount of Party  “dirty laundry,”  in the end it might also serve a very important purpose. For it might lead to the nomination of a candidate the conservative, Party base would not be forced to support simply because he WASN’T Willard Romney!

It might also lead to the selection of a candidate for vice president who is someone of real substance. Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan would surely fit the bill.

And look for one very real possibility during the Republican Convention. Don’t be surprised to see Obama lay claim to all of the media attention by announcing that court jester Joe Biden has decided to retire and will be replaced on the November ticket by the useless, Secretary of State-in-name-only, Hillary Clinton. Obama knows he is in trouble and would expect such a move, coupled with 10 million or so fraudulent votes, to turn the tide.

It’s going to be a very interesting campaign season.

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