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The recent US presidential election embraced secularism as the favored worldview in America. The “melting pot” of traditional America is now being replaced with an advanced model of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is characterized by the cultural and moral relativism of the secular worldview. Secularism has been firmly established in Europe for many years. European secularism has yielded lower birth rates, lower economic growth, higher government presence in the economy and culture, reduced church attendance, increased tensions regarding religious freedom, and a growing sense that European failures of secularism bode poorly for the prospects of the continent. The leaders of France, Germany, and Great Britain, recognizing the direction in which they are headed, have all stated that “multiculturalism” has failed and that it has produced “extremism” in addition to the aforementioned economic problems.

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Despite such overwhelming evidence that condemns secularism, America may be embarking upon a similar journey that will surely not end well for freedom as we know it. Secularism has a long history of human rights violations and, along with radical Islam, represents the most significant threat to economic and religious freedom wherever these worldviews are dominant. The riots in secular Europe, which are a response to austerity measures imposed by world bankers, is a small example of the unrest that often precedes increased authoritarian rule. Freedom is determined by worldview.

Secularism, which opposes the Judeo-Christian worldview, has a long history of religious persecution. According to the leading expert on democide (murder by government), R.J. Rummel, secular governments have killed more than 170 million people in the 20th century alone. Pre-20th century death counts by government (over 600 million) indicate that secular government is civilization’s greatest enemy. Records indicate that Islam, the #2 worldview measured by number of adherents, is responsible for approximately 270 million killed in its 1,400 year history. Moreover, Islam is the world’s leading perpetrator of religious persecution today, followed by secularism.

The Islamist will join the secularist in attacking the Constitution. The secularist wants to use the “separation of church and state” argument to eliminate the Judeo-Christian worldview from public life while the Islamist, in a “stealth jihad”, will use the freedom of religion (and multiculturalism) through judges, etc. to open the door for Sharia law, food regulation, sanctioned prayer, and state suppression of Christian expression. Both are using each other in a type of “termite strategy.” Termites destroy a house slowly from within; and then suddenly it collapses.

This worldview battle to thwart the United States (and its traditional Judeo-Christian worldview) can be seen in the international arena as well. The United Nations is predominantly a secular organization and derives approximately 25% of its funding from the US. The Organization of the Islamic Conference, OIC, represents 57 Islamic countries and is the largest voting bloc of nations within the United Nations of 193 member countries. These are the two largest international organizations focused on global rule in opposition to the Judeo-Christian worldview of the US. The secularists want one-world government through secular institutions while the Islamists want the Caliphate (using Sharia law) to rule the world. Both worldviews aspire to rule the world and see the Judeo-Christian US as the biggest obstacle to their objectives.

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