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“Sic Semper Tyrannis”, latin for “Thus Always to Tyrants,“ is the rallying cry against tyranny dating back to the Roman Empire with the utterance of this phrase by Marcus Junius Brutus upon the assassination of Julius Caesar.  This simple phrase has been used by countless European nationals as a cry to arms for independence from their oppressive monarchs, as well as others down through the ages since first spoken two thousand years ago.  To give an American context to this phrase, John Wilkes Booth immortalized it as he leapt to the stage from the Presidential Box after mortally wounding Abraham Lincoln at Fords Theater 147 years ago, and it is the motto for the state of Virginia.

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Throughout history, man has always sought self-determination as a God-given or natural right as they struggled against the rule of man through kings, royalty, and monarchs.  This nation was founded upon the principle that man, given the ability, the will, and means to do so, could flourish under self-rule and the rule of law.  Flourish, we have; the amount of economic growth and wonders this nation has seen in its short existence of only 236 years is astounding and has not been rivaled in history.

Many wonder at how this came about that we have stood in the belief of personal freedom to champion the individual, the cornerstone of our Republic above all else.  We have accomplished this by creating a unique identify that embraces all, while giving none dominion over others.  Our history is not blemish free, with the stain of slavery and oppression of the Indian Nations on our national honor.  We have endured, being true to our founding principles by righting these injustices with the blood of our ancestors shed in battle as this is the only way these sins can be paid.

One seminal danger that the Founders sought to address was that our President would never have divided loyalties with the simple requirement that our president be a natural born citizen as enumerated in Article II, Sec. 1 of our Constitution.  These men were wise beyond their ability to foresee the future, though keen to realize the frailty of mere men to govern themselves.

What does it mean to be a “natural born citizen” for the president?  The historical context means that one has certain duties bound to themselves and their nation to act in the best interest of all its citizens as they mark their service to the nation while shunning any allegiance to another.  Recognizing that there is a hereditary distinction requiring both parents to be citizens  differs from an ordinary or naturalized citizen, these wise men would not have otherwise placed this requirement amongst the pages of our Constitution!

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The concept of “natural born citizen” is being faced in a manner that our founders never dreamed would happen; that a man would rise to usurp the office of president that would tear down the very fabric and framework of our Nation.

Our founders believed in the possibility that day would come to challenge this principle, making this a national security issue, so they placed this frail, meager, and humble requirement into the framework of our Government.   We are now facing that day with ruin of our nation’s economy by reckless spending of the nation’s treasure that is fully spent and requiring even more.  Signs of our decline are practically the same as Brutus eloquently spoke and are shown by the following:

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