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Wisconsin Public Unions Sell Out the Rank-and-File


by Kevin “Coach” Collins

While statewide union thugs were busy trashing Wisconsin’s capitol building and making death threats against Republicans supposedly in an effort to “protect” their members, local union bosses were busy stabbing those same members in the back.

If nothing else, the entire Wisconsin episode in union strong arm tactics has forever rip the cover off the façade of the unions’ purported paternalism toward their members.  Rank and file union members are learning their union thug bosses care about themselves and nothing else.

Selling Them Out

At the very moment the unions were savagely attacking anyone they thought was against their designs to keep feeding at the Wisconsin public trough, the bosses of three AFSCME locals, an SEIU local, and a Wisconsin Professional Police Association (clerical workers) unions were busy selling their members out in return for their own personal benefit.

The unions of Sauk County, Wisconsin, which is about 30 miles from Madison, gave up everything except the 40-hour work week even at the height of their so-called “power.”

An audio tape of the negotiations reveals the county representative clearly understood he was dealing with a herd of “Judas goats” only too eager to give away years of union gains. The county’s Corporation Counsel said as much when he acknowledged the unions had handed him carte blanche to write a new agreement saying whatever he wanted it to say. There were just a few provisos: don’t take away our dues check off; don’t allow union opts outs and don’t enforce the Beck decision, which would give individual union members the right to withhold some of their dues for political purposes.

In other words, “Keep our money coming and you can do whatever you want with these suckers; just tell us where to sign.”

The “evil” county government took them at their word and hacked away.

In a 33-month contract, the union bosses agreed to:

  • accept zero pay raises;
  • end all tenured job protection;
  • end most pay classifications;
  • yield control over healthcare packages; and
  • yield the control individual workers have over the amount of their pension contributions.

So, for almost three years those union thugs will still have the county collecting their extortion money while they are responsible for delivering exactly nothing – something at which they excel.

Fighting “The Man” every step of the way in solidarity? Hardly!

The only difference between unions’ methods and those of the mafia is that the mob thinks it owns politicians, while the unions actually do.

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This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and is reprinted by permission.


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