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Will The Real James Holmes Please Stand Up?


We know that Barack Hussein Obama drank from the bottle of Frank Marshall Davis’ communism for a decade. We know he held hands with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. We know he surrounded himself with radicals once ascending his throne in the Oval Office. We know he shipped guns to Mexican drug cartels as an excuse to tighten gun control.

These are so-called “conspiracy theories”.

We found it odd that the Colorado massacre occurred days before the UN small arms treaty vote  that would, in effect, eventually ban guns in the United States.

We found it predictable that Obama was screaming “gun control!” before the victims were even in the ground.

We found it predictable that Obama’s surrogates were screaming the same, including Nanny Bloomberg and the gaggle of Lefties at MSNBC and all their clones throughout the mainstream media.

Conspiracy theorists wondered whether the massacre was orchestrated by the government. Conspiracy theorists wondered if James Holmes was part of some type of CIA mind control program given that he appeared to be drugged during the preliminary hearing.

His statements while behind bars that he had no idea why he was in jail were scoffed at by his jailers as trying to fake insanity or amnesia. But that really didn’t make sense as his jailers would not testify at trial; the defense and the prosecution’s psychiatrists would.

But what has thrown many “conspiracy theorists” into a tizzy, myself included, are two new conspiracy theories regarding the Colorado massacre (that make the JFK assassination look like a walk in the park):

One: that James Holmes is not James Holmes.


That the college ID photo that made the rounds in the initial twenty-four hours after the massacre is not the same person that was identified in court.

Say what?

A blogger has taken both photos and done some simple analysis of facial features, specifically the nose and left ear, and they don’t match. Not even close. All day Saturday, bloggers were falling over themselves discussing this oddity.

I remember examining a supposed photo of James Holmes being arrested as an Occupy New York member, and it occurred to me that the college ID photo and the “Joker” photo’s upper lip did not match. At the time, I thought it was because Holmes was simply grimacing or smiling. In the college photo, the upper lip is flat, whereas the “Joker’s” upper lip is what film historians of the 1920s call a “Clara Bow” lip, in which there is a “valley” where the center of the lip comes together. But now I see the upper lips are completely different. The nose is completely different. The left ear of the “Joker” sticks out, whereas in the college ID photo, the ear does not stick out.


The second conspiracy theory is that bloggers are now stating that Robert Holmes, James Holmes’ father, works for a company in which he developed an algorithm or computer program that ferreted out banking fraud and was to testify before Congress about the recent Libor scandal. That his son James was being railroaded by the banking cartels as a deterrent to keep him from testifying.


This goes beyond Obama’s communist connections, birth certificate, Selective Service, Social Security number, or the dozens of other anomalies surrounding one Barack Hussein Obama.

This could only occur in a world ruled by Obama’s Politburo, where the real and the unreal overlap.

The question is, will we ever get back from this nightmare conjured up by Barack Hussein Obama?


Let us know what you think!