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“Will the real Barack please come forward?”


Due to the hard work of Stanly Kurtz from National Review Online, the American people are finally asking: ”Will the real Barack Obama please come forward?”

I have seen a lot of Presidents come and go, but I have never seen a president with such a secretive past. Even to this day, we not sure if he was born in America; some say he was, some say he probably wasn’t. Also, most presidents would welcome the chance to reveal their college transcripts to the nation; if there is nothing to hide…what’s the problem?

Early on, it became known to the American People that then-Senator Obama had kept company with some unsavory caricatures and for twenty years sat and listened to the Rev. Wright, with all his spewing from the pulpit about the ills of America (and as going so far as to saying “G-Damn America.”) That is when any American should have walked out, but apparently Barack Obama stayed and listened. Eventually, like any good politician, Obama threw The Rev. under the bus; that should say a lot about President Obama. You don’t throw your preacher under the bus; you just stop attending church.

As we’re finding out now, during the 2008 election, the American people didn’t know the half the story. We knew that he was a far-left Democrat and had proven himself to be hostile to the free market as a believer in Government control. But little did we know that his aspirations were to convert our Republic toward a more socialist democracy such as in Europe.

But now thanks to Stanly Kurtz, we know even more. Minutes have now been uncovered from a meeting of the “New Party’, a group with close ties to ACORN.

As we know now, ACORN in the 2008 election used thug tactics, intimidated voters, and resorted to voter fraud. In other words, they stayed true to their former Attorney, Barack Obama, and played a large part in getting him elected.

Minutes from the Jan. 1996 meeting of the New Party goes as follows: ”Barack Obama, candidate for Senate in the 13th legislative District, gave a statement to the membership and answered questions. He signed the New Party candidate contract and requested an endorsement from the New Party.”

Also, a roster showed that on Jan. 11, 1996, he was inducted as a member.

In light of these new revelations, they leave me wondering:”What Else?” Are there still more skeletons in the closet that are yet to be uncovered?

The last three and a half years should serve as a reminder for the American People to know their candidate and ask the tough questions such as: ”Is his heart with the American People, or does he bow to kings that do not like us- except when we buy their oil?”

Recently, there have been leaks from our government that will surely put our national security at risk and will surely endanger the lives of the men and women in the secret service of our Nation. Also, it was revealed to the American People a month or so ago that after the election, the president would have more flexibility; what does this really mean?

Does it mean that the man who promised to be loyal to the Democratic party, having been a member of the New party, will be loyal to any party as long as it is to the left of everything America has stood for? The American people need to know.

Who is the real Barack Obama; will he please step forward?



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