When Eric Holder ordered Justice Department Inspector General Cynthia Schnedar to begin an investigation of possible wrongdoing in Operation Fast and Furious it was with just one purpose in mind—enable the Attorney General and other DOJ officials to refuse to answer questions or provide documentation concerning the “gunwalking” debacle because there is an “ongoing investigation.” It’s a neat little legal trick the Obama regime has pulled on more than one occasion.

But although Holder used this dodge of his own creation to keep congressional committee members at bay for nearly a year, it appears the OIG report is just about ready to make its long overdue appearance. For Holder and his DOJ minions have telegraphed the fact that they might already have, to put it discreetly, “been privy” to information contained in the document.

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And the reason this is a safe bet is that “three of the prime Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms players in the Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal have been relieved of their duties.”

Two of the three — William Hoover, former Deputy Director of the ATF and Mark Chait, former Assistant Director of Field Operations — had already been shuffled into new positions months ago. William McMahon, former Deputy Assistant Director of Field Operations, had not been part of that occupational shell game, but now joins Chait and Hoover on the sidelines, awaiting the final publication of the report which will publicly determine their ultimate fate.

That Holder was no doubt given advance notice of Schnedar’s findings is as unethical it is unsurprising. The two have been friends and work-mates for many years and are, of course, fellow leftists.

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The real questions involve what will happen now. Will the OIG report come out immediately prior to Eric Holder’s February 2nd appearance before Darrell Issa’s House Oversight Committee? The timing would allow Holder to dazzle committee members with the honesty and efficiency of the DOJ, having dismissed three individuals who just happened to be mentioned by the Inspector General as bad eggs.

Does Holder hope that the message he is currently testing, that the ATF is responsible rather than really important people at the DOJ — will be enough to convince Republican committee members that the ATF firings over Fast and Furious should suffice, making no further investigation into DOJ misdeeds really necessary?

And most importantly, will Republicans fall for such drivel, or more to the point, consider it the most politically expedient course?

After all, “only” a few hundred people wound up dead as a result of Fast and Furious “walked” weapons. And only two American agents. And besides, Eric Holder is telling everyone that Republican committee members are racists for “persecuting” him. And it is, after all, an election year.

Republicans don’t seem to be making much of an issue of Obama’s utter disregard for the Constitution with his illegal “recess” appointments, do they? Much easier and safer to just sit back and take it. Just ask Senator McConnell.

So will these pillars of political courage let Holder, Obama and the entire DOJ off the Fast and Furious hook, allowing them to get away with murder in the same way they permitted the acting president to make numerous unconstitutional appointments?

We might know in a couple of weeks.

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