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Will Obama Suggest Bailing Out Blue States?


by Kevin “Coach” Collins

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The wave of bad news continues.

Last week we learned that in August 2011, for the first time since 1945, we had a zero job growth in a month. With nothing on the horizon to correct course, the economic collapse of a number of liberal-run states is all but certain.

The largest debtor state in the country by far is California. At $134.6 billon, the Golden State’s total governmental debt is as large as a dozen other states combined. This year’s projected state deficit is nearly double that of Illinois ($15 billion) and practically three times that of New York state ($9 billion).

A bailout for California could easily an issue in next year’s elections, if Obama or Congressional liberals do not propose it earlier. Like Black Bart in Blazing Saddles, liberal/union cesspools will first ask, then beg, then threaten us with the dire effects of their bankruptcy to extort the Congress into giving them our money. When the sick men from Sacramento descend on Washington looking for our hard earned cash, let’s keep a few facts in mind.

California’s Senate has just passed its end of a bill reauthorizing the California DREAM Act, which would fund the “American Dreams” of illegal aliens by forcing U.S. citizens to pay for their college tuition with our tax dollars. Predictably, the bill passed the state senate on a straight party line vote, 22-11. It will soon be sent to Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown for his approval.

The percentage of working-age Californians who are currently employed has fallen to only 55.4 percent, the lowest level seen since 1976. Where will the money for this insane bailout come from? (Take a guess.)

Giving liberals and public sector unions money is as effective as throwing it into a furnace. It’s time to just say, “No!”

To contact your Congressional representative, use this link: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/

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This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and is reprinted with permission.


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