Will Obama’s Uncle Get Amnesty After His DUI Arrest?


Floyd Reports

Perhaps Barack Obama’s drive to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants does not stem from his professed sympathy for immigrants nor his hope of naturalizing millions of new Democratic voters, but from his desire to shield his law-breaking relatives from deportation.

On Wednesday, police in Framingham, Massachusetts, arrested President Obama’s uncle, 67-year-old Onyango Obama, for driving under the influence. During the stop, Onyango — whom the president calls “Uncle Omar” — showed the Obama family‘s highly cultivated sense of entitlement. According to the arresting officer, after coasting through a stop sign and nearly causing the officer to hit him, Onyango became argumentative, then threatened to call the White House to get out of his legal jam.

According to published sources, during the arrest process the officer found Onyango had been violating…

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