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Sean Higgins, a senior writer for the Washington Examiner, points out that CNN’s Stephanie Cutter, who served as President Obama’s deputy campaign manager in 2012, had echoed Obama’s false claim that Obamacare would protect those people who wanted to keep their health insurance plans. Cutter was a member of Obama’s “truth team.”

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On CNN’s “Crossfire,” Cutter, one of the liberal co-hosts, failed to come completely clean on the November 8 program: “…let’s talk about the President’s apology. He’s sorry because some Americans are losing their insurance plans, and their new plans are costing more. And he did promise that if you liked your plan, you can keep it, but the way the law has unfolded doesn’t live up to that promise. And admittedly I’ve used that line, too, and there’s no doubt the administration oversold it.”

Notice the use of the phrase, “the way the law has unfolded,” as if nobody anticipated this turn of events and that Obama is a victim, too. In terms of her own role in spreading these lies and making the false claim about keeping your health insurance, she said, “admittedly I’ve used that line, too…” and the claim was “oversold.”

She failed to admit she lied and did not apologize. This woman is a professional liar.

Cutter’s TV ad during the campaign, as noted by Higgins, took the form of a rebuttal to a Karl Rove ad. Here’s what she said: “The ad talks about health care, and you’ll like this one because we’ve heard it before: It says that you won’t be able to keep the insurance plan that you have. Now that’s just flat-out wrong. If you like your plan and you want to keep it, you can. In fact, the President made that plan stronger.”

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This was not repetition of a talking point. It was a carefully conceived lie.

A guest on the CNN show, liberal columnist Ruth Marcus of The Washington Post, admitted, “The President said something that he knew, or should have known, and probably knew it wasn’t exactly accurate. And that Stephanie said, too. Everybody repeated it.”

“We’re culpable in the press,” Marcus said, “because we let him get away with it. If you look at the—HHS [Health & Human Services] was projecting back a few months after the law was passed that a lot of people in this individual market…were going to lose their coverage, were not going to get grandfathered. So they were going to have to buy new plans in the marketplaces. So the President knew that.”

In other words, Obama deliberately lied. And Cutter and the other advisers knew it was a lie. Higgins notes a Wall Street Journal article disclosing that “behind the scenes, White House officials discussed whether that was a promise they could keep,” and whether Obama should reveal the truth in “more in-depth discussions, such as media interviews, to explain the nuances of the succinct line in his stump speeches…” However, Obama officials worried that “delving into details such as the small number of people who might lose insurance could be confusing and would clutter the President’s message.”

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