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Will California Resort To Voter Fraud? Not Likely


Of course, Barack Obama won’t lose California, but as in other states, California’s minorities are not yet motivated to vote. Getting them to the polls will use up Democrats’ time, energy, and money penciled in for other purposes.

“They’ll use Voter fraud,” you say. Well maybe not. Even Democrats have to know how to do vote fraud to commit voter fraud.

Is something going on in California?

Last Friday, after a long drawn-out counting process, a California ballot measure to add a one dollar tax to tobacco products “to aid cancer research” failed by a margin of 50.3 to 49.7 – about 27,000 votes out of about 5 million cast. This is significant on a few different levels.  It is surprising that given a chance to vote to raise their own taxes, Californians declined the offer.  Moreover, as a small segment of the population, smokers should have been easy prey for the “Taxula crowd.” Nevertheless, the real shocker is that in 16 days, the Democrats could not coordinate an effective voter fraud attack to wipe out a 27,000 vote loss. The lesson here is clear. When you don’t need voter fraud to win, as is usual for Democrats in California, you soon don’t even know how to pull one off. This puts them in a tough spot.

In Wisconsin, where every election is a war, the Democrats know how to do voter fraud and still couldn’t win, so where does that leave amateurs like California’s Democrats?

On the same day as the smokers’ tax vote, Gary Kreep, who is perhaps the nation’s Birther-in Chief was elected to a judgeship in San Diego County, where Obama won 54/44 in 2008. The margin in that race was about 1,000 votes, giving Kreep a 50.21/49.79 victory.

Certainly, any crooked Chicago Democrat would have been able to straighten out “the peoples’ mistakes” in both of these vote counts over the phone without leaving his house. But there they are; the smokers’ tax fails ,and Gary Kreep (the chief Birther lawyer in America and a man who epitomizes everything the Democrats hate and fear) has won in a Democrat county by less than ¼ of a point.

Not knowing how to do voter fraud can be fatal to Democrats.

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