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Will Armed Citizens Finally Secure The Arizona Border?


It’s no secret that Barack Hussein Obama and the rest of the American left have been importing illegal aliens in ever increasing numbers for the purpose of supplementing the “dead voter” turnout every November. And as we all know, if illegals committed voter fraud at a 70% clip in favor of Republicans rather than Democrats, the border would be sealed tighter than a drum and states like California would be wondering what to do with their budget surplus.

Last year, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed a measure which authorizes the creation of a state guard, that is, a militia which could work either in conjunction with the National Guard, or on its own “…for any reason the governor considers to be necessary.”

And now, if a $1.9 million funding bill is passed by the Arizona senate and signed by Brewer, it is estimated that between 250 and 300 members of the guard force could be trained and equipped for duty along the border. These citizen volunteers would receive $100/day and have both the authority to detain and arrest suspects along with immunity “…for acts that occur while on duty—similar to police and other law enforcement…”

Naturally, liberal groups are outraged by what they consider the obviously “racist” agenda inherent in such a measure. But the people of Arizona would prefer to consider the real facts:

1. Obama is cutting National Guard presence on the border by 75% over the next year.

2. Thanks to the pro-illegal agenda of the Regime, Border Patrol agents are apprehending 53% FEWER illegals since Obama took office

3. In 2009, it cost Arizona taxpayers $2.7 billion to house, feed, educate, provide medical care and incarcerate illegals.

4. Over the period of 2005-2007, illegals accounted for 73% of felony convictions in US federal courts in Arizona.

Quite recently, 3 Afghan nationals were arrested by Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley.  On February 2nd, former DEA Operations Chief Michael Braun testified before the House, stating Hezbollah “…is supporting Mexican cartels to gain access to their networks for border entry…”

Isn’t it fortunate that Janet Napolitano has assured the American people that our borders are more secure than ever?!

The decades long onslaught of illegal aliens on the United States represents the most palpable, yet curable scourge upon the American public in our nation’s history. It has cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. It has been responsible for dramatic increases in crime and disease. Yet the far left, thanks to the dictates of political correctness and the burgeoning incidence of voter fraud so necessary to the Democrat Party, encourage this criminal abuse of state and federal law.  And given an abiding fear of accusations of racism coupled with greed for so-called cheap labor, far too many Republicans agree.

The federal government has displayed a thorough lack of interest in preserving the border under presidents of both Parties. If we are to reclaim our nation and provide for the safety of the American public it will be up to the citizens themselves to get it accomplished.

Let’s hope Jan Brewer has the resolve to have volunteers for this citizen force train under and enlist former Navy Seals and Army Rangers. Arizona should employ snipers and equip militia members with night vision and other military grade equipment. Begin with a small, highly trained and specialized force capable of handling any situation, expand its numbers into the thousands and eventually throw all federal border bureaucrats out of the state.

The war for our border began years ago, but thanks to Washington politics the US has failed to engage an enemy intent upon taking our own nation from us!

If the federal government won’t answer the call, it’s up to the American people to do so.

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