Can we handle the truth? The Romney/Ryan come-back team believes we can.

Political passion is running high in America with what many feel are out-of-control problems mainly being caused by weak politicians and powerful special interests.

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Americans seem sick and tired of ineffective politicians and no workable, or even proposed, solutions as a result of no political will to reform unsustainable future legacy spending and other big spending programs we cannot afford locally and nationally.

Americans want solutions that are fair and work for American citizens, and put America first. Americans are wary of political correctness which now seems to defy common sense and the interest of our own well-being as taxpayers and as a nation in many cases.

Will Americans in 2012 embrace and reward blunt honesty in politics? Will they accept it even if the real solutions put forth equate to reformed entitlements, being called racists, or being mocked by federal government officials and the media with scare tactics?

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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)