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The Institute sued in state court and the judge ignored the law to find in favor of the secretary of state. Left unanswered is the question of how a person signing a political petition – the very essence of public speech – retains a right to privacy, especially when the people wishing to review the signatures are the very people the signers are attempting to help. But a more important question is answered by implication. Citizens do have a responsibility – an obligation – to assert our right to live under law rather than under the whims of powerful men and women. When government consistently denies us that right we have an obligation to rise up – non-violently – and deny government. We need to deny government in such a creative way that our political NO becomes a cosmic YES. AB 1266 is a case in point.

When this gross invasion of students’ right to bathe and use the toilet unmolested and un-oogled takes effect parents should – on a wholesale basis – keep their kids at home until the law is overturned. Schools depend on your child being in school every day; funding is determined based on average daily attendance (ADA) and thousands of kids staying home hurts budgets. Hopefully it hurts budgets enough that school boards, administrators, and teachers unions will join the clamor for this law’s repeal. But it is not a creative “YES” to merely keep the kids at home.

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We homeschooled our children for three years, as do thousands of families in California; it is perfectly legal to do so and nowhere near as time consuming as many seem to think. Homeschooled children tend to do better on achievement tests than their public and private school counterparts; they cut through college entrance exams like butter. They have been demonstrated to experience no loss in terms of socialization. Any parents who want to consider this option can google the Home School Legal Defense Association. However, parents should beware of one thing: Even when the schools bow to the pressure and stop using our children as social science lab animals, those parents who began to homeschool during this period may find they and their kids like it so much they won’t be going back.

Jesus says He came to set the captives free. But He never said freedom was free. He told the man in Mark 2 to rise and walk, not be lifted up and floated away, after healing him of his paralysis. He says the Kingdom of Heaven is taken by force in Matthew 11 – not the force of violence but of the rising assumption of responsibility. That is falling in love with our limitations as citizens.

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