As part of the WikiLeaks Stratfor Email dump, over the weekend an email has come to light sent in 2008 by a McCain insider on the day Obama gave his victory speech—November 7, in which the insider makes some startling allegations and says he has proof that the Obama campaign and/or supporters had: 1. Stuffed the ballot boxes in Pennsylvania and Ohio. 2. Had given Jesse Jackson ‘hush’ money to keep his Anti-Semitic diatribes to himself 3. Had received campaign contributions from an individual or group within Russia.

It appears the Business Insider was the first one to break the story on Friday. The MSM, as could be expected, is ignoring these startling revelations.

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If these statements are true, along with the ever-growing Fast and Furious scandal and mountain of dead bodies, impeachment hearings for Barack Hussein Obama may finally be called for from the general public.

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