Why won’t big media probe Democrats’ role in economic crisis?


by Douglas MacKinnon

Donkey 2 SC


As we suffer through the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes, it seems that aside from constantly vilifying the banks, CEO’s, and “corporate greed,” President Barack Obama and most of the mainstream media that has fallen in love with him aren’t really interested in accountability or figuring out exactly how we now find ourselves in this untenable position.

Curious, to say the least.

For months, our new president has talked about the need for transparency and bipartisanship. Except on this subject, there is very little transparency. Coupled with that, you have major media outlets like NBC News, CBS News, ABC News, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Los Angeles Times — all powerful organizations who pride themselves on their investigative abilities — who basically refuse to have their reporters look into what role Democrats like Rep. Barney Frank, D-MA, president and former White House economics policy makers Larry Summers and Robert Rubin, and others played in the economic meltdown.

Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey (Creative Commons)


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