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Why We Cannot Run Away From The Abortion Issue


What Missouri Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin said will bring us continuing fallout from now until Election Day. We can’t change that. For the record, if I were a Missourian, I would vote for Akin without hesitation. But that is now beside the point.

We cannot run away from the issue of abortion.

Akin has dropped us all in the middle of a deep lake leaving us with three options. We can do nothing cover our eyes and drown; we can go into full retreat and waste precious time and energy making our way back to the near shore; or we can go on offense and push on to the far side.  Clearly, we have no choice but to fight; yet this need not be a Pickett’s Charge with no hope of gaining anything.

If ever there was a time since Roe v Wade for a national showdown on abortion, 2012 is it. A recent Gallup survey found a 50/41 sentiment against abortion, which is the lowest level of support for abortion in their records.

It may turn out that there is no way to totally “fix” this problem, but there is a way to ameliorate it and cut the damage; and that is by going on “all in” offensive.  There is nothing to be gained by starting small; there is no time to think small. We must immediately draw a contrast between Barack Obama’s grotesque bloodlust for infanticide – not just partial birth abortion but infanticide- for demonstratively political purposes and the wholesomeness of legitimate family life and reverence for the sanctity of the lives God gives us.

Obama’s opposition to saving Born Alive Babies

As an Illinois State Senator, Obama did everything he could to kill legislation to save the lives of miracle Born Alive abortion victims. This is what we should be talking about now today, not what Todd Akin said to save babies, but what Barack Obama did to bring about the death of natural born persons his constituency feels are inconvenient and should be allowed to slowly die of thirst and starvation on a stainless steel table in a room all alone with no one to care for them.

Killing legislation to protect Born Alive babies was politics as usual for Barack Obama. At the time he was their champion of death, Illinois Planned Parenthood said of Obama: “We worked with him specifically on his strategy. The Republicans were in control of the Illinois Senate at the time. They loved to hold votes on ‘partial birth’ and ‘born alive’. They put these bills out all the time… because they wanted to pigeonhole Democrats….”

In response, Obama characterized legislation to save Born Alive babies as being “introduced for political reasons.”  There are several hard-hitting TV and radio spots in this material. Romney, are you listening?

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