Why The Open Web Matters


Twenty years after its creation, the open Web seems to be facing some of its biggest challenges and its survival may make the whole difference between a world where a few large companies have most of the control or one where anyone is afforded the opportunity to innovate online.

Definition: What I mean by Web

It appears that, as time moves on, many people have different definition of the Web. Some look at it as a substitute for the word internet, others look at it as the sites that are sitting at a Web address. My definition is a little more technical: to me, the Web is a system that serves up HTML, CSS, and Javascript over the HTTP (or HTTPS) protocol.

Under that definition, it means that Facebook or Google cannot be seen as “the Web” any more than iphone or android phone apps are.

Definition: What I mean by Open

Open is another tricky word to define.

Some people look to open as interoperable. To those people, an open Web only exists when a site or page is accessible by everyone without requiring any kind of extra registration. In those people’s views, sites like Facebook are not open because they require a username and password to access them.

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