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Why the Democrats ought to be scared if they aren’t already!


Something is happening among black voters, and if the Democrats aren’t scared, they ought to be.

There are now at least three separate polls from three different states showing Barack Obama with African American support in the 70s. More than that, an analysis of the black vote  in last spring’s Arkansas Democrat presidential primary raises doubts about the actual level of support he has among African Americans.  Obama won the Arkansas primary by 58/42, but when the votes of the 29 “significantly” black counties were tabulated, his lead shrunk by 8 points. In ten counties with black populations between 19% and 41%, Obama actually lost 38/62! Not all of this can be dismissed with “Well, it’s just a primary.”

Betrayal leading to trouble for Obama

In May, when Barack Obama double crossed African Americans with his most recent “evolution” on support for gay “marriage”, many in their community, especially the  black clergy, were stunned and outraged. The feeling of betrayal was so palpable that two separate polls, one in North Carolina by a Democrat operation and a second in Georgia by Gallup, found that 20% of black voters intend to vote for Mitt Romney.

Now three months later, a new poll of black voters from Michigan – a completely different part of the country- shows not only has the anger and frustration over Obama’s “evolution” not subsided, but it has actually strengthened slightly. The poll shows Obama getting the support of just 76% of Black Michiganders with 23% expressing their intent to vote for Mitt Romney. The Democrat- cheerleading media can ignore these polls, but a portion of the black clergy are working to reduce Obama’s support in the African American community even further.

The Rev. William Owens, who heads the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP), is the driving force behind a sustained campaign to hold Obama accountable for his insult to the Christian beliefs of millions of black voters. For the first time in anyone’s memory, black pastors are instructing their people not to vote for a Democrat – even a black Democrat – because they cannot accept his betrayal on the sanctity of one man to one woman marriage.

Those who wish to ignore these polls and fool themselves into thinking they are not legitimate do so at their own peril. They have  to ask themselves if they believe the silly poll from CBS saying Obama leads Romney among black voters 94/0 and therefore also believe gay marriage has not had the slightest effect on the willingness of blacks to vote for Obama; or they can believe that something very threatening is happening and they had better watch out.

They also have to ask themselves if Obama can afford even a small defection of these voters.

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