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Why Romney should NEVER show more tax returns


The amoral Democrats led by the crooked Harry Reid have demanded Mitt Romney release his tax returns. Reid is claiming a “secret caller” (as if he would EVER come to the phone for an unidentified and unknown person) told him he/she had absolute knowledge that while Romney was at Bain Capital, he failed to pay his taxes for ten years.

Aside from the fact that this charge is coming from a group of proven liars and thieves, it’s ridiculous in its face.  The history of how the IRS has handled high profile tax evaders makes it impossible for Romney to have evaded federal income taxes for ten years during his time at Bain, which ended thirteen years ago.

Recently, the IRS has prosecuted and jailed some very high profile Americans without regard for their station in life. They sent Richard Hatch (“the naked Gay Guy”) from Survivor to prison for not paying his federal taxes, and they didn’t wait 13 years to do so.

Wesley Snipes is currently in prison for failing to file his returns, and they caught up to him in seven years.

The IRS sent Al Capone to federal prison for income tax evasion in 1931, proving he had failed to pay his taxes just two to six years before his arrest.

The point here is that the IRS doesn’t tread easy on “big fish”, so Reid’s charge is demonstrably false.

Mitt Romney should never ever consider following the idiotic advice from fools like the naive bunch of rubes at the National Review and the treacherous simpletons at the  New Hampshire Union Leader.

There is nothing good to come out of Romney releasing his back tax returns. Each page would undoubtedly be a potential gold mine for a Democrat Party that survives on hate, class envy, and lies.

What Romney should do about these charges is exactly nothing. Under no circumstances should he even consider an “I’ll show you my tax returns if you show me your college transcripts” deal.  The “transcripts” Barack Obama would produce would be as phony as his “birth certificate.” An “impartial” panel from the Democrat Cheerleading media would “carefully” examine Obama’s transcript and declare he was a straight A student in every school he attended.  They would declare the matter closed with “Now let’s look at Mister Romney’s tax returns.” Then who would there be to say otherwise – George Will?

Wake up dopes; these people are thugs and lies, NOT the grown-up version of your debate opponents in prep school.

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