Why Obama’s Convention Bounce Will Deflate Quickly


Yesterday, Gallup reported the first real discernible signs of a convention “bounce” in Obama polling. Over the course of the week, Obama’s job approval rating moved up 7 points. In Gallup’s daily tracking Friday, 52% of adults approved of the job Obama was doing. In a head-to-head match-up, Obama led Mitt Romney by 3 points, 48-45. It is clear that up to that point in the convention, Obama was enjoying a bounce. It also seems clear, however, that his bounce will deflate rather quickly.

Gallup’s daily tracking of job approval is based on a rolling three-day average. Friday’s number, then, is based on interviews conducted Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Obama didn’t speak until well after 10pm EDT, so most of the interviews on Thursday would have been conducted after he spoke. As a result, Friday’s number is based largely on feedback to speeches by First Lady Michelle Obama and former President Bill Clinton. These speeches were the high-point of the DNC’s convention. While Clinton’s speech was largely a work of fiction, his performance of it was outstanding.

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