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Why Obama won’t be able to hide behind the 10th Amendment on Gay “Marriage”


One hundred and sixty years ago, Democrats picked up guns and attempted to violently overthrow our government in the name of “States’ Rights.” They LOVED the 10th Amendment then because it suited their aim of keeping black people in chains. More recently, they have HATED the 10th Amendment that says, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people” when it has been cited by conservatives as grounds for various states to allow their citizens to refuse to be forced to buy individual health care insurance policies.

They HATE the 10th Amendment when Southern States argued that abortion should and could be prohibited within their borders because it is the right of a state to determine whether it will allow or prohibit abortions.

Now they LOVE the 10th Amendment because they see it as a way to run away from being forced to take a position on the question of support for gay “marriage.” “It should be up to the states,” says today’s crop of phony Democrats.

When Barack Obama made his quickly-thrown-together announcement declaring himself in favor of gay “marriage” he effectively ended any chance of reelection he might have had. His disingenuous support for states to decide the issue for themselves swung the Democrat weather vane back to LOVE for the 10thAmendment as evident from statements issued by Democrats up for reelection.

How the issue is playing

Despite liberal media talk about how “brave” Obama was to come out for gay “marriage,” the truth is that his announcement was a gift to those who want him and his Party defeated in November.

While Obama has improved to just a – 4 points against his Republican opponent – as per Rasmussen – once the issue settles in, it promises to be a deal breaker for many voters. A Gallup poll released Friday held that by a count of 26% to 13%, voters say they are less likely to vote for Obama – and by extension Democrats in general.

A 13% swing is huge – let no one say otherwise.

A net minus 13 points is a lethal number.

Hiding behind the 10th Amendment on gay “marriage” won’t help Obama get his foot out of this bucket no matter what the media says.

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