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Why Liberals think Phil Mickelson doesn’t really deserve his money


Photo credit: Ed (supergolfdude) (Creative Commons)

In Liberal theology, telling the truth is a sin; acknowledging that success comes from hard work and not “winning life’s lottery” is a bigger sin. But being wealthy, white, and committing these sins makes them still bigger and clearly unforgivable.

When professional golfer Phil Mickelson complained about his taxes being too high, he committed the Liberal sin of telling the truth. Their selectively applied “speaking truth to power” slogan aside, Liberals become furious at people who tell the emperor he is naked. When Mickelson said he was tired of paying an aggregate tax of 63% after all of the bites taken from his check, that was a sin. But it got worse: he added that since California’s taxes are so high, he was thinking about leaving “The Golden State.”

Publicly acknowledging that he was even thinking about escaping the clutches of a Liberal “Taxula” state sent the Liberals into a foaming-at-the-mouth rage. They mocked Mickelson as an ungrateful greedy comrade.

What did he have to be grateful for?

Liberals apparently think Mickelson is greedy because they KNOW he doesn’t deserve what he is paid.  Even Liberal sports writers (the self -appointed guardians of Liberal orthodoxy) who might be expected to know better act as if Mickelson was once struck on the head by a sliced ball, knocked out, and awoke with a “Roy Hobbs-like” ability to play golf. They don’t want to accept that he worked for the superior skills he has.

To these people, it is intolerable that a white man like “Comrade” Mickelson should complain about the privilege of paying Mother State a mere 63% of what he collects for having been in the right place at the right time and winning “life’s golf lottery.”

Nevertheless, all of Mickelson’s Liberal sins could be overlooked if only he wasn’t white. Being white makes being forgiven impossible. Tiger Woods, an equally skilled multi-racial professional golfer, freely confesses his “sin” of fleeing California’s taxes; but there is hardly a word about his transgression from the Liberals.  In Liberal orthodoxy, a white man even talking about running away from high taxes cannot be forgiven; but a black man actually doing it is quietly overlooked.

In the Liberal’s fantasy world, all comrades are equal; except some comrades are more equal than others. Where whites have to grovel for forgiveness of their Liberal sins, being black wipes your slate clean even if you’ve done exactly the same thing.

And make no mistake; I applaud Woods for making such a smart decision. He has saved an estimated $100 million dollars by doing so.

Photo credit: Ed (supergolfdude) (Creative Commons)

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