Why is the Administration Subsidizing America’s Islamic Adversaries?


Islam symbol SC

“Islamic jihadists remain the most serious threat against America today, despite President Barack Obama’s effort to improve U.S. relations with the Muslim world,” observes Jim Jacobson, president of Christian Freedom International. Unfortunately, “Islamic radicals have not reciprocated the president’s attempted outreach.”

Earlier this year the president made a celebrated speech in Cairo to promote better relations with the Islamic world but, notes Jacobson, “the primary problem is the hostility of organized Islam to members of other faiths.” That hostility starts with persecution against Christians, Jews, and other religious minorities in Muslim nations around the globe.

Now the administration has created a new and expensive technology fund for Islamic countries. The Overseas Private Investment Corporation is providing up to $150 million to “catalyze and facilitate private sector investments.” Target industries include computers and telecommunications.

The objective is to promote education, health care, infrastructure, and jobs in the Muslim world. These all are good things, “but shouldn’t Washington be focusing on promoting education, health care, infrastructure, and jobs in America,” asks Jacobson?

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