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Why Glenn Beck Isn’t On Television Anymore


Anyone who actually watched the presentation from Sheriff Joe Arpiao’s all-volunteer Cold Case Posse knows the truth about how much of a fraud Barack Obama is.

If we had an honest media, news as important as what Arpiao and his people presented would have demanded that ALL media– TV and radio included-cover his press conference live from start to finish. Those who watched the presentation also understand that if it had been nationally broadcast and the American people heard and saw the actual evidence, Obama would be gone by May.

Nevertheless, instead of reporting what Arpiao presented, the AP and others took the opportunity to attack Arpiao personally. Not surprisingly, the now toothless, feckless Glenn Beck  pandered to the Left and joined the AP. He gave himself away by using their stock lie “Theories that the president’s birth certificate is fake have been widely discredited.”

Mr. Beck, isn’t it true that you didn’t have the nerve to simply report what Arpiao presented for fear that the media would label you (gulp) “a birther?” Do you actually think pandering to the Left will keep them from rolling you over the coals any chance they get?

By the way, when DID someone–anyone-rip apart the charges that Obama’s birth certificate is a fake? When DID that happen Mr. Beck? When did anyone make a point by point presentation supporting the authenticity of that obviously fake document? Who explained away the numerous problems in the document while we weren’t looking? That video must have escaped our view.

Furthermore, when did anyone stop laughing at the “silly  birthers” long enough to refute the “obviously false assertion” that the Post Office only used four digit year stamps in 1980 when it stamped Obama’s Selective Service card? Please tell us so we can get the truth.

It’s not that I expected much more from you, Mr. Beck, because fear is a strong motivator, but a hero of mine once said something that fits well into your cowardly coverage on the Arpiao presentation. Abraham Lincoln said, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

Mr. Beck, you should have not even reported on the presentation rather than reminded people of the kind of coward you are and why so many fans have abandoned you.


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