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Why does Obama Support our Enemies?


President Barack Obama has issued an order directing various American government agencies, including the CIA, to provide unspecified support to the Syrian Rebels to overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad. On the surface, it appears that the CIA is providing intelligence to the Free Syrian Army to aid the rebels in their fight; however, the scope of this directive is unclear. The State Department, most likely acting on orders, has committed $64 million in humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people and another $25 million in non-lethal assistance to the Syrian opposition.


According to the UK Guardian, US and Europeans sources have been boasting about the advancements made by the Syrian rebels, crediting the aid of European and American intelligence support. They maintain that all aid provided to the rebels was humanitarian, and no arms were provided. The intelligence support given to the Free Syrian forces would be handled through joint operations center in Turkey. This is where the rebel leadership is getting support and equipment from various governments wishing to remove the Syrian regime.

Since the intention of the President’s directive is unknown, it is difficult to believe that all aid given to the rebels is non-lethal. The influx of money from the US and other nations has done little to turn the rag tag collection into an effective fighting force in such a short time. It is very likely they had help from more experienced fighters.


Despite the American media’s ignoring it, al-Qaida is working closely with the Free Syrian Army to overthrow the regime. A UK Guardian reporter met with Abu Khuder, the leader of a band of  al-Qaida fighters in Syria who are actively trying to hide their affiliation with al-Qaida as not to attract negative attention from the west. The followers of Abu Khuder are experienced men who fought in Iraq and probably Afghanistan, Libya, and Egypt. They are under orders from al-Qaida leadership to support the Syrian Rebels. Like Egypt and Syria, they are probably taking orders from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Since the Obama administration is hell-bent to aid Muslim extremists, that begs the question: why in the hell is this White House helping our enemies?

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