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“Why Do We Need to Pay Them to Hate Us?” Obama’s Foreign Aid Policy Makes No Sense


by Kevin “Coach” Collins


Recently Texas Republican Congressman Ted Poe reintroduced an idea whose time might have finally come. He addressed Congress asking that we review the foreign aid we are sending to countries around the world, with the purpose of cutting most of it.  Referring to the many countries with their hands out looking for foreign aid, Poe asked a direct question: “Why do we need to pay them to hate us?”

Poe’s fact-filled, but brief, speech contained some compelling points.

We are giving foreign aid money, our tax dollars, to 150 of the 192 countries of the world. Some of these counties are ungrateful but most of the biggest recipients are outright hostile toward us and can fairly be accused of hating us.

Among the countries Poe singled out were Venezuela and Cuba, which gets $20 million of our money. The leaders of both of these countries have tried hard to be recognized as the chief America-hating country in the entire world. Both of them consistently mock us and vote against us in the UN at every opportunity. Remember Chavez comparing President Bush to Satan?

Treachery from Ingrates at the United Nations

Among the countries receiving American taxpayer money, these ungrateful nations support us the least in the United Nations: Ethiopia votes against us 91 percent of the time; Sudan votes against us 83 percent of the time; Egypt, where America is universally hated, takes our money but votes against us 82 percent of the time; and Mexico votes against us 63 percent of the time.

The Practical Problem with Foreign Aid

Foreign aid is currently bundled together in a classic Congressional manner. Our taxpayer money is doled out in an all-or-nothing manner. This means in order to giving money to our strong allies in Israel we have to give money to Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.

If this system is not changed we will even have to give money to Egypt after September when the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist terror group, takes control of its government.

Giving our money to Islamist fundamentalist countries like Sudan and oil-rich countries like Nigeria is something we never should have started doing. Now we have to bring this nonsense to a rapid halt. Support Ted Poe’s idea to stop bundling foreign aid.  Let’s start saying yes or no on each individual country.

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This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and is reproduced with permission.


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