Why Do People Trust The Internet More?


By John Zogby, Forbes

We’ve done a lot of polling recently on how people get their news and what sources they most trust. We wanted to find out more about why the Internet is in rapid ascendance, while newspapers are on the media endangered species list.

The results come from two Zogby Interactive surveys taken in the past month, one in conjunction with 463 Communications and the other a Zogby project. One question produced a particularly curious result.

We asked which of the four primary information sources was most reliable. The Internet was way out front with 37%, with the others closely bunched as follows: television 17%, newspapers 16% and radio 13%.

When it comes to newspapers and how they have been impacted by the Internet, there is a consistent and significant ideological factor. Conservatives and Republicans don’t like or trust newspapers, and Independents are not big fans either. However, if all Americans were liberals or Democrats, you would be buying newspaper stock.


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