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Why “Conservative pundits” are the Left’s useful idiots


This is an open letter to the Left’s “Expert Conservative pundit” useful idiots.

Start reporting honestly, or just shut up; you’re making fools of yourself and hurting America!

Your hand-wringing and whining about “Romney can’t close the deal; he SHOULD be winning by 7 points but he is not” is wearing thin. Mitt Romney IS winning, but only in honest unskewed polls. Every time the internals of a poll showing Barack Obama winning are analyzed, this fact comes shining through; Romney is winning comfortably.

Either you are lying through your teeth, or you don’t know how to read and don’t understand simple research; but you are serving the reelection campaign of Barack Obama, and the Left is laughing at you as they should be.

The people who are making up false poll results are using you as useful idiots to get the most out of their hidden “in-kind” contributions to Obama’s campaign. They are preparing the propaganda, and you have become the willing and eager messenger boys and girls of their lie.

What do you think you are accomplishing by parroting phony numbers showing a sure-losing campaign beating Mitt Romney? Do you really think YOU are soooo influential that you don’t want to “jinx” this outcome because YOU think YOU can take the burning enthusiasm out of real grassroots conservatives by making us “over-confident” enough to stay home on Election Day? If so, take a deep breath and listen up: there will be a massive tidal wave of conservatives flooding the polls in November. Along with others who actually do get out in the streets and talk to people, I know this to be true.

We who are working at the grassroots level look at you as jokes. Mona Charen, Don Feder, Bill Kristol, and the rest of you are simpletons with loyalty that is questionable at best.

How can you justify dutifully writing reports about a poll without mentioning it is skewed by a projected Democrat turnout larger than even the margin Obama had in 2008? How can you ignore the clear evidence that there are more registered Republicans than registered Democrats by 4.3 points (and most of that edge has come about just since June)?

A thirty-second search would tell you that the 4.3 point Republican lead in registration is more than THREE TIMES the 1.3 point lead Republicans had in 2010 when we crushed the Democrats, taking 63 House races.

Is doing a little research beneath your lofty status?  If so, step aside because you have become part of the enemy’s plan to kill America, not our plan to save America.

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