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“Why Are We in Libya?” and Other Questions the Media Won’t Ask


by Kevin “Coach” Collins
“Why we are in Libya?” This is one of those mysteries we have become accustomed to since the start of Obama administration. Not having any experience save for that of the nebulous “community organizer,” when forced to make decisions Obama has proved a dismal failure. Taking actual decisive action causes Obama to flail around swinging wildly like a child trying to break open a piñata.

Now he has unilaterally decided to plunge us into an undeclared war against Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi begging the question: why Mister Obama, why did you declare war without bringing your case before Congress? Does the word “quagmire” ring a bell?

Did I miss the 17 United Nations resolutions on Libya and the way Gaddafi treats his people? If not, then why are we at war with Libya?

Is this a war for oil? If so, why not just drill within our own borders and save the lives, treasure, and national prestige that will be lost in this adventure of yours? Why not admit it is a war for oil? Are you afraid of “speaking truth to power” and telling the anti-American liberals in your party a war for oil is a war for American survival?

Libya produces just 2 percent of the world’s oil, but oil speculators don’t understand this so losing that 2 percent has skyrocketed oil prices.  Clearly you don’t understand this either, Mister Obama.

When France and England go home and Gaddafi outlasts the rest of the Europeans, we will be left holding the bag.

Published reports estimate it could cost as much as $3.4 billion just for a six week engagement.

Since we have no intelligence operation in the Middle East and your CIA Director gets his news from CNN, how do we know the people we are helping are really the ones we want to win?

For the region, Libya has a high per capita average income of about $12,000 a year. Maybe the “rebels” are really just Muslim Brotherhood thugs trying to take over? Do you want to help them the way your do-nothing policy helped them in Egypt?

Because he has a huge pile of gold, Gaddafi has hard currency to spend defending his empire. He can pay his soldiers and buy enough weapons to fight on for years. How long will you keep us in Libya, Mister Obama? Will your war take away from our missions in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Mister Obama, when Gaddafi wins — and make no mistake he will — what will your failure do for our image  in “the Arab street?”

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This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and is reprinted with permission.


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