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Who’s A Christian?


“Progressives” like to start an “Alinsky-ite” argument among free men and women to exploit their arguments of who is truly Christian. Of course, in the process, they obfuscate their own Baal worship with its child sacrifice, obsession with feces, and worship of death.

As a lifelong Catholic, like Rick Santorum, and very appreciative of a repentant Newt Gingrich, I have stood the stones and arrows of fundamentalists and evangelicals accusing me and my faith as not being Christian. After 2000 years of surviving one heresy after another and an infinite number of differences of opinion, I suspect that God is working out his Covenant plan in spite of us.

As quite an amateur theologian, I am also quite aware of the difference between Mitt Romney’s Mormonism and other Bible-oriented sects. I’m also aware of a wide range of beliefs among Christians, among Jews, and among Muslims (heck, they even suicide-bomb each others’ shrines on holy days!) We must each be discerned by our deeds and the company we keep. In the end, I think Jesus put the argument to rest in the Gospel of Mark 9:38-42:

“John said to him, ‘Teacher, we saw a man using your name to expel demons and we tried to stop him because he is not of our company.’ Jesus said in reply, ‘Do not try to stop him. No man who performs a miracle using my name can at the same time speak ill of me. Anyone who is not against us is with us. Any man who gives you a drink of water because you belong to Christ, will not, I assure you, go without his reward. But it would be better if anyone who leads astray one of these simple believers were to be plunged into the sea with a great millstone around his neck.’”

For Jesus, the metaphor of “Millstone Award” was not as punishment for sin, but for the salvation of the Baal worshipper who avoids eternal punishment by not committing the sin of destroying the souls of the innocent.  Today, this occurs especially through very evil financial manipulation and top-down personal responsibility denying health, education, and welfare practices. God’s mercy is forever as are our opportunities to straighten out our lives. Our Constitutional Republic is desperate for righteous leadership.

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