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Who Won the Debate?


By Helen Sabin

It used to be that when you read an article on a blog or online, you could type in your thoughts and comments below the article. But change is happening! Due to low readership, the liberal drive by lamestream media now invite readers to respond to an email address or send tweets about an article written.

Hmmmm, I was curious if this would work so I asked my readers who have given me permission to contact them about who won the debate last night. Here are selected answers out of 2000 received so far.

These readers are a true mixture of individuals including ultra right wing, general conservatives, GOP moderates, independents, liberals, and ultra libs who think BHO is the greatest president in the world who hasn’t spent enough! Their occupations range from college professor to military to horse wrangler and retirees. They live all over the United States. Agree or disagree?

Reader One: I thought Newt did the best job of answering the questions last night and interestingly when he speaks, the hall quiets down – did you notice that? Would make a good President. Would love to see him debate Obama – he would eat him alive! Given the loss of Obummer’s teleprompter, BHO would say, uh, uh, ummm, ummm, …..

Reader Two: I liked Cain’s performance but his plan is coming under scrutiny and some say there is a 4th #9 in it – payroll taxes – and it causes the poor and middle classes to pay more.

Reader Three: Newt won clearly, Romney stumbled a tiny bit, Perry had more energy but didn’t raise his profile – he also took severe hits from Romney and didn’t hit back – he has to get some zingers to toss back at Romney. Ron Paul was his usual self – ridiculous and naïve!

Reader Four: I will vote for the person who will WIN! Anyone but Obama! But who actually won? From the answers last night, it was Gingrich! Romney as usual was scripted and he tries to laugh and shrug off when he gets hit hard – didn’t know his lawn service hired Illegals – give me a break!

Reader Five: I am leaning to Newt but I will vote for anyone but Osama who will win and free this country from the socialists! It won’t be Ron Paul or Bachmann or Santorum!

Reader Six: No one won! Paul was the worst of the worst. I am military and when BHO appears – I salute him with my middle finger raised up high! Want a pic?

Reader Seven: I didn’t watch the debate so I can’t comment on what happened yesterday.

Reader Eight: On linguistics, style and command of issues alone, I think Gingrich is head above a few head and shoulders above the rest. And there’s no doubt he would do the best job of any GOP hopeful of debating President Obama. I wasn’t thrilled with Cain’s performance. I’d like to see him come out and say, “Hey, at least I HAVE a plan. Perfect? No. But “good” should not be the opponent of “perfect”. I can’t quite place my finger on it, but something about Romney just makes my hair tingle. His answer on the question concerning faith and its role in governing was masterful, as was Newt’s.

Reader Nine: I didn’t watch. I figured it would be the same old….same old. But I won’t vote for anyone but Obama!

Reader Ten: Newt was great, as always. He is the best at keeping Obama in the cross-hairs and he praises his GOP opponents. Unfortunately, he won’t win the nomination.

Reader Eleven: You may not realize it (as many either don’t or refuse to) but several of the other candidates positions are either direct take-offs or flavored versions of Ron Paul positions that he has held for decades. Also, you should have noted directly last night that more than once the other candidates either triangulated off of or directly agreed with Congressman Paul on several positions. The others have done that through several debates now. If you listen and watch carefully, almost 2/3 of the debate issues were Ron Paul’s issues and ones he has brought up and consistently held. The others were all triangulating off of his positions. On issues of fiscal and monetary policy, the reality of the war spending and foreign policy it seems that Ron Paul is setting the debate parameters.


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