Who Says Conservatives Don’t Do Reporting?


By Michelle Malkin,

Before we fully launch into the action-packed first week of 2009, I want to provide you with a year-end wrap-up of original blog reporting on this site and across the conservative blogosphere. Why? Well, over the weekend, a few bloggers on both the left and right perpetuated an ill-informed and self-serving myth that demands debunking. The myth is that conservative bloggers don’t do reporting.

Michael Goldfarb at the Weekly Standard complained on Friday that there aren’t enough conservatives engaged in “online partisan reporting” and holds up left-wing blogger Greg Sargent (formerly of TPM, now headed to the Washington Post) as a model Internet journalist for constantly bombarding the McCain camp with phone calls.

Matthew Yglesias of Think Progress piled on with this smug assertion: “What the right lacks are people with the skill to do the job.”


For various reasons, the incredible amount of investigative online reporting published on conservative blogs in just the last year alone has gone largely uncredited. Let’s fix that here and now:

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