Who is really running the United States of America?


It doesn’t require a rocket scientist to see who has the real power in federal government. That would belong to Harry Reid. Since the 2010 elections,the Republican controlled House of Representatives has sent several bills to the Senate which would get America’s economy back on track.

Harry Reid, in his infinite wisdom and a shot of Obama kool-aid,has deemed them “dead on arrival”. The last that I knew,our government was supposed to represent “We the People” and at least allow each issue to be placed on the floor for open and honest debate. I haven’t figured out yet why our Constitutional scholars haven’t found a way to correct this problem as it looks like absolute dereliction of duty on Harry Reid’s part.

I figure that Harry is simply playing the political game that Obama wants him to play. That is to use his power and influence to create a “do nothing” Congress so Obama has something to run against because Obama’s track record and policies won’t put him over the top in the upcoming election.

America needs to wake up and see what is really going on here. Harry Reid could care less about the American people and in my opinion,is the poster child for Congressional term limits. Please respond to this with your opinion as I am not the only American citizen asking these questions. Thank you in advance for your great service to our country.

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