White House press corps turns on Barack Obama


It’s well established that Barack Obama, both as a candidate and a President, has received very favourable coverage from the American press. But what’s less known is that many of the White House reporters who cover Obama greatly resent the way they are treated by the Obama administration.

Barack Obama 5 SC

There are still some strikingly positive write-ups for Obama, even in supposedly objective news stories. This from the AP struck me at the weekend:

Casting aside years of rancor, President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Thursday signed the biggest nuclear arms pact in a generation, lacing the moment with new warnings of sanctions for an intransigent Iran.

The treaty, sealed after months of halting negotiation, is significant not just for what it does but for what it symbolizes: a fresh start for the United States and Russia, and evidence to a watching world that nuclear disarmament is more than a goal.

Blimey. Give that man another Nobel Peace Prize.

But the truth is that it is media editors rather than reporters who tend to worship Obama most. At the coalface, there’s a lot of frustration. That’s been an undercurrent for while but it seems the issue is now bubbling to the surface.

Take these two pieces in the Washington Post.

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