White House mum on eligibility demand


The White House has confirmed that a member of Congress formally has requested that President Obama document information regarding his birth and, therefore, his eligibility to occupy the Oval Office.

White House SC

WND previously reported the letter was sent by Rep. Nathan Deal, R-Ga., and also that neither Deal’s office nor the White House was willing to discuss the situation.

Now, according to Jim Galloway, who blogs for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, confirmation has come from two sources that the letter was sent and received.

“The White House on Thursday confirmed receipt of a letter from U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal that formally asks Barack Obama to address questions about his place of birth – and thus, whether he is qualified to be president,” the report said. “The letter arrived Dec. 10. Beyond that, no one is willing to say much.”

Galloway wrote, “According to my AJC colleague Bob Keefe in Washington, Todd Smith, Deal’s chief of staff, likewise confirmed that the letter had been sent. But neither Smith nor his boss would comment on its content.”

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