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Whining Democrat asks, “Can our country govern itself?”


“Until we address the crisis of the failure of our institutions to resolve the significant challenges we face, don’t expect progress on any of them.” Could any statement be more decidedly emblematic of leftist doctrine than the claim that only government and its institutions are equipped to solve the problems of life? Never mind that these are usually problems created by government in its endless quest to solve longstanding problems previously created by government!

Two months ago, Barack Obama’s signature “Affordable Care Act” made an unexpected appearance before the United States Supreme Court. Unexpected, that is, because few if any of the ruling class left which wrote and passed the massive statute believed such a compassionate endeavor could meet with serious criticism. That the American people overwhelmingly opposed the left’s assault on their liberty was, of course, not considered “serious.”

ObamaCare had a rough three days of oral argument before the Justices, leading pundits throughout the liberal media to proclaim Barack Obama’s noble attempt at autocratic altruism in danger of being overturned. How could such a thing be possible? As five Justices had been nominated to the Court by Republican presidents, obviously they would rule the individual mandate unconstitutional, perhaps taking down other bits of the law for good measure. A clear case of judicial activism according to the left.

Yet because Supreme Court Justices did their job of asking hard questions about the clearly unconstitutional individual mandate, “one Democrat member of Congress told reporters…that if the Court were to strike down [ObamaCare], doing so would create chaos and would raise some serious questions, including ‘Can our country govern itself…’

Can our country govern itself? For 2 years, Democrats enjoyed an unassailable majority in both House and Senate, allowing the left to pass ObamaCare without a single Republican vote. Obama himself has defied the Constitution and bypassed congress by means of executive order. Yet when a co-equal branch of government performs the task for which it was created, the left whine that the system is broken and the process of governing no longer possible.

For the left has decided that anything which stands in the way of its exercise of absolute authority results in a “failure of our institutions.” In short, the Democrat Party will not recognize the legitimacy of any Constitutionally created branch of government which is not controlled exclusively by the left.

After all, liberals consider themselves the guarantors of fairness, the chosen elite who legislate the methods and means of obtaining true and lasting equality. Let conservatives or other meddlers get in their way by preventing—even overturning—the products of years of noble Democrat endeavor and “crisis” ensues. The American people can’t “expect progress” as the true intent of the institutions of government has been derailed; that intent, of course, being equality of outcome, regardless of talent or effort.

Naturally the left is prepared to launch an all-out assault on the legitimacy of the Court should any part of ObamaCare be found unconstitutional. And now we’ve been informed our entire system of government will collapse, unable to absorb a ruling contrary to the will of the Democrat Party!

Personally, I’ll risk it.

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