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Few stories have managed to jump off the page and grip the heart and the better sensibilities of this writer as much as the recently released news item about George Obama, the President’s brother. It flashed across a few of the better conservative internet sites, but was conspicuously missing from the mainstream media. We have learned to expect less from the MSM, but this one may turn out to be the crown jewel of their collective dishonesty and indifference.

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It is the kind of story that helps us to understand why Barack Obama must divert everyone’s attention to Mitt’s tax return and Ryan’s budget and anything else he can conjure up in the next 16 weeks before the general election.

Comparing Obama’s lack of honesty and compassion to Mitt’s tax returns is purely a case of comparing apples to oranges; and yet, it is an assessment that says more about Barack than any speech, pitch, promise, or proposal he will make between now and November 6, 2012.

It is an enigma, a non-sequitur, and an absurdity that begs to be examined. It should produce shame in the media for not telling it (and shame in the president for living it), but my best advice is that you don’t hold your breath waiting for either one.

We are used to the Obama administration’s absurdities, although not by choice. Examples abound starting with Fast and Furious. The entire sordid affair, now quieted under the secrecy of executive privilege, leaves the lives of Agent Brian Terry and three hundred Mexican citizens unanswered and unaccounted for. Anyone with only a speck of conscience may, in a moment of deep and contemplative silence, hear the faint but impassioned cry of their souls calling from the grave for justice.

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Next, we see black panthers intimidating voters at a polling booth in 2008. After declining to prosecute them, the Attorney General proceeds to sue states for enforcing or adopting voter ID laws. Now, figuratively speaking, we can see Lady Justice’s blindfold pulled down from her eyes and tied tightly across her mouth to gag and silence her.

Yet, there is one more inequity that screams from the daily news, but sounds more like something extracted from the twisted visions of Sartre, Dali, or Hitchcock. The next great Obama/Holder effort is the instructions given to border agents not to enforce our laws and release many of those who would otherwise be detained. Soon after those instructions were given, 15 murders and rapes were done to American citizens by illegal Mexicans who were set free.

The border story is bad enough by itself, but then along comes a $300,000 fine levied against Gibson Guitar Corp. Gibson was raided by an army of gun-toting and geared-up agents from several law enforcement agencies. Their crime: allegedly breaking a 1907 law called the “Lacey Act.” Gibson was charged with pulling cuts of rare wood from Madagascar that were exactly 4mm too thick.

Americans murdered and raped because our laws were not enforced – Gibson humiliated, fined, and harassed for an infraction against a conservation law. No, this is not a story pulled from the files of “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” but is a product of an administration detached from anything that remotely resembles American law and prudence. Along with the rape and murders of our citizens, equity, fairness, and common sense (it seems) have been murdered and raped as well.

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