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Where Have All Of Our Generals Gone?


It is stunning to me that over the course of the past four years, our military generals are being eliminated for one reason or another. This ongoing list includes:

Gen. David Patraeus

Gen. William Ward

Gen. David Mc Kiernan

Gen. Stanley Mc Crystal

Gen. Carter F. Hamm

Well, there is five right off the bat.  What do these brave men all have in common? They have all served under the Obama regime and have all been either fired, forced to resign, or forced to retire for one reason or another.

Knowing that these men all have held top positions in the military, and that they would have the means to remove an ineligible President by force if necessary, is it possible that the Obama regime wanted these potential threats out of the way in preparation for any future policy decisions that he may be planning to make?

We already know that in his first term, Obama has circumvented Congress and the US Constitution on several occasions.  Is it possible that a military coup may have been in the works? These military men must cringe every time they would have had to explain to someone’s family that their son or daughter died in service to their country while knowing full well that they had a better chance at survival if they didn’t have to abide by such strict rules of engagement placed on them by the Obama regime.

The way I see it is that Obama is simply removing all of the clear and present dangers to his Presidency while he remains a clear and present danger to the United States of America. These are clearly times that try men’s souls. As always, my fellow Patriots, stay safe and always be aware of your surroundings.

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