Where are conservative comedians on TV shows?


It may seem strange, but a cornerstone of the liberal media in America is The Daily Show starring Jon Stewart. Younger Americans, in particular, love him, and his sarcastic, cool wit delights left-wingers coast-to-coast. That’s because his barbs are overwhelmingly directed at conservatives, although, from time to time, he will mock some far-left loons who are simply too stupid to ignore.

Mr. Stewart’s current jihad is against the Fox News Channel, which he considers to be in the tank for the right wing. Often, the comedian will point out “hypocrisy” at FNC, mainly objecting to criticisms leveled at the Obama administration, which is almost revered on The Daily Show.

But do you know what? I think Stewart actually LIKES Fox News.

While it is true that he has called FNC terrible, cynical, disingenuous, and “an autoimmune disorder,” he admits that he and his legion of writers watch often. And while he has told Fox News personnel to go “F” themselves about 600 times, he seems to do that affectionately.

So, my theory is that Jon Stewart has a crush on Fox News and, if you think about it, the speculation makes sense. I simply can’t imagine Stewart and his minions sitting there watching the boring stuff that CNN and MSNBC put out there. But I can envision old Jon lapping up the vibrant debates seen daily on FNC. And what kind of material can Stewart get from Wolf Blitzer? Believe me, he gets plenty from me and Glenn Beck.

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