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When will “Experts” stop expecting positive jobs numbers?


It seems that every week, we are confronted with rampant spin by desperate reporters and White House surrogates (as if there’s a distinction between the two) telling us unemployment claims rose “unexpectedly” or the number of new jobs did not meet “expectations.”

I’m no financial expert, as a perfunctory review of my bank statement would attest, but I know better than to expect positive employment numbers from an administration doing everything in its power to prevent such trends.

Anyone actually surprised at the consistently-elevated unemployment rate has no business delivering economic news. Of course, the vast majority of these mouthpieces did not actually expect millions of new jobs under Obama’s watch, but they have no choice other than reporting the news, at least in passing.

The only way to make the depressing trend more palatable is to first release more upbeat, albeit false, numbers, hoping the inattentive public is not paying attention and, when subsequent results are determined to be much worse, reporters simply call the news “unexpected.”

To their credit, the tactic likely worked for millions of trusting citizens for much of the early period of Obama’s presidency. After three-and-a-half years, though, the narrative is getting tired.

This week’s reports showed a higher-than-expected number of unemployment claims filed last week, coming as a surprise to precisely no one except for the dumbfounded purveyors of the stats in the media.

There aren’t many opportunities left for this administration to actually meet expectations or for the media to come up with another disingenuous ploy to make the bad economic medicine go down.

On election day, there’s one number in particular that I hope comes in far below all expectations – Obama voters.

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