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When is A Lie Not A Lie, Mr. Obama?


There is a video tape of Barack Obama stating that small business owners “didn’t build their business by themselves!” Yet once again, our President opens his mouth and says something that wasn’t scripted, and his entire campaign staff, White House staffers, and the Progressive talking heads all come out to say “that is not what he meant.” It seems that Obama doesn’t really say anything that he means.  Someone is always popping up somewhere saying something like, “well what the Presiden meant to say is…..”  This guy is a graduate of Harvard Law School, and he doesn’t know how to speak clearly to make a point? This is kind of scary when you realize that this guy has his finger on our nuclear trigger, and he’s talking to our enemies!

Obama’s statement that “the private sector is doing just fine” reveals that he’s been listening to himself too much. He’s starting to believe what he is saying!  Mr. President, I didn’t hear you come out and chastise Louise Lucas for her radio rant telling the audience that we (meaning us white people) don’t want anybody in the Presidency except a white man! Really, Louise? I happen to think that there are a LOT of black men very capable of being President; unfortunately, Barack Obama isn’t one of them. You shouldn’t lie like that, Ms. Lucas, because you have no idea what we want for our country. You only know that it isn’t what you want.

Senator Diane Feinstein made a statement on Monday saying that Obama’s White House needs to face the fact that some very dangerous security leaks came out of it. On Thursday, Feinstein has “walked back” what she said on Monday. “Walked back” is political speak for “I ticked off the President, so now I have to cover my tracks.” Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker also got caught in Obama’s wrath for something that  he said that Obama didn’t like. I guess my question to both Senator Feinstein and Mayor Booker is: “were you lying then, or are you lying now?”

Obama sent his Solicitor General to argue that Obamacare really was a tax instead of a mandate; yet when the Supreme Court ruled it as a tax, Obama and his minions furiously denied that it was a tax and that in reality it is a “penalty”. You can’t have it both ways, Mr. Obama, so what’s wrong with Obamacare being the largest tax increase in American history? You’re up for re-election, you say? The voters might get angry because you had to pass the bill so that we could find out what was in it? I don’t think the American people are too thrilled about what they are finding out about your Obamacare law, sir. If you think they are mad now, wait until medical care starts getting rationed and citizens start losing their loved ones because of doctor shortages. Where are you and your Progressive zombies going to run and hide when Americans find out that the “death panels”, that you and your minions have denied since the presentation of this law, really do exist?

How will you explain that life in America has been reduced to a financial equation? Did you lie, Mr. Obama, just to get the glory for passing SOME kind of health care package? Did you sell this law as health care reform when it is not even close? Did you lie about needing hundreds of billions of our hard-earned money to stimulate the economy when all you did with most of the money was repay your financial supporters?

Did you lie when you said that if you couldn’t fix this economy during your first term in office, that yours would only be a one-term presidency? Did you lie when you were sworn in as President and you swore an oath to ” preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution from all enemies, foreign, and domestic”? Did you lie to the American people when you swore you would uphold ALL the laws of the land instead of only enforcing those laws with which you agree? Are you protecting Attorney General Eric Holder from prosecution for lying to Congress under oath about Operation Fast & Furious? Someone is responsible for a couple of dead Federal agents and a few hundred Mexicans killed because of that botched operation, sir; are you and Holder hiding something?

You have told America that evil Wall Street “fat cats” are responsible for all the financial woes in America today, but yet you go running to them for large donations for your re-election campaign. Were you lying then? You have told the American people that under your energy policy, prices would necessarily skyrocket, and then you have done everything possible to make that happen. Yet you claim to be actively utilizing ALL forms of our energy resources, including fossil fuels. Isn’t that a lie, Mr. Obama?

You said that you wouldn’t raise the taxes on the middle class, but isn’t it true that the tax increases that you have proposed on incomes of $200K or more (plus the Obamacare tax) are going to impact everyone? You have begun telling Americans that our standing in the world has gone up  under your leadership, especially in Europe. The truth is that polls have shown a significant DECREASE in our prestige and standing in Europe and around the world, hasn’t it, sir?

Unemployment has gone up as well as entitlement demands, including food stamps under your watch, hasn’t it, Mr. Obama? You promised hope and change but what you delivered was the most serious division of Americans that I have ever seen. You promised to be the most open administration ever when you came to power, and yet, no one knows what is happening in your White House. People don’t even know who you are, Mr. Obama. You wrote an autobiography made up of “composite characters”. Your college transcripts are sealed at both Columbia and Harvard. There is a rumor that you and your wife no longer have your law licenses….what happened?  Do you think that people have a right to know who is occupying our nation’s highest office, or is your life just one big lie, Mr. Obama?

Your campaign made the insinuation that Mitt Romney might be a felon for lying to the SEC about his position at Bain Capital. Is that just another lie that you refuse to squash, Mr. Obama, or do you have proof to back that accusation up? You keep saying that the Republicans are the ones holding up any progress in Congress, but isn’t the truth that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is the reason that nothing gets done for the people of this country?

You have been telling the audiences that you are speaking to during your campaign stops that your policies have all worked, which really isn’t true; is it, Mr. Obama? You see, the truth is something that casts a very bright light on the words that we speak, and if you’re not honest, those words have a way of coming back to bite you.  Tell the people honestly, sir, why you feel that you deserve another four years as our President, and then let the people decide. Adieu.




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