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Whatever Happened To Real Journalism?


NBC News once rigged a Ford F-150 to explode to back  up a story they were doing on the “alleged” defects of gas tanks on Ford trucks. When the scam was revealed, NBC had to hastily apologize and face some pretty stiff consequences. CBS’s legendary newsman, Dan Rather, tried to find something with which to smear former President George W. Bush, and he thought he had found it: documents and a “witness” claiming Bush’s Texas Air National Guard service was bogus. When the documents and the witness were revealed as fakes, Rather lost his job at CBS.

NBC  apparently didn’t learn their lesson because when Trayvon Martin, a 17 yr old black kid, was shot and killed by Neighborhood Watch Captain George Zimmerman, NBC edited the 911 call to make it sound as if Zimmerman was stalking Martin simply because he was black. I saw another example of NBC’s “creative editing” when they altered a Romney sound bite to make him seem “out of touch” with everyday Americans. NBC had to apologize again. Friday morning, ABC did a report on the tragic shooting in Colorado that resulted in 12 dead and over 50 injured. Brian Ross, a seasoned newsman, added a line in his report that James Holmes, the 24 yr. old shooter, had ties to the Tea Party. In other words, the insinuation was that a radical, gun loving Tea Partier had committed a massacre. One could see the Progressives salivating over the prospect of stricter gun laws to kill the Second Amendment.

Problem was, Ross had carelessly mistaken a 52 yr old, James Holmes, who is a Tea Party member, with a deranged 24 yr. old Ph.D student who did the shooting. ABC and Ross were forced to publicly apologize. The story of the Colorado massacre isn’t focusing on the fact that this young man is mentally ill, thinking he was the “Joker” from the “Batman” franchise. The story is now focusing on the “super capacity magazine” that was attached to the semi-automatic rifle that he was carrying.

It’s kind of funny that Obama and Attorney General Holder think it’s acceptable to stonewall Congress about the murderous “Fast & Furious”operation that resulted in the death of one Federal Border Patrol agent and hundreds of Mexicans? Is it acceptable that the so-called “professional” journalists chose to IGNORE this story because it just might implicate their “golden boy” in a plot that was originally intended to set up a major clampdown on gun ownership in America?

Remember Jason Blair of the infamous “New York Times” plagiarism scandal? They vetted him thoroughly, didn’t they? There have been several “high profile” stories that involved “journalists” who were composing phoney stories (remember, you have to go to school to learn that stuff!) Yeah, right! How about the way “reporters” went after Sheriff Joe Arpiao? These clowns weren’t interested in finding the truth about Obama’s eligibility to be President, just in protecting Obama by deriding the Sheriff and his investigators.

The sad truth is that the Progressive agenda and political correctness have destroyed the integrity, morality, and honesty that once belonged to our press corp. Now a majority of the press has become nothing more than cheerleaders and propagandists for the PROGRESSIVES.

Instead of  the who, what ,when, where, and why of traditionalism, reporters’ efforts are now being directed toward being the Proletarian Guard for Obama and his SOCIALIST agenda (in spite of what Bill O’Reilly thinks). Even Fox News’ Factor Master does one heck of a dance around calling a spade a spade when it comes to Obama. Come on Bill, “a left leaning anti-capitalist?” China practices a form of capitalism, but they are still COMMUNISTS!

Unbiased reporting to the majority of journalists is now an unknown virtue. Honesty is something that is only necessary when a screaming scandal perpetrated on rumors will suffice. Why vet your sources if they happen to agree with your point of view?  Why give the public a “fair and balanced” approach (which one network that I watch does) to the news when the public are nothing more than “useful idiots” to help the Progressive agenda advance. Is that where the term “sheeple” came from?

Ronald Reagan had it right when he said”trust, but verify!” When you hear a story, be very cautious before making a judgement. If it disappears within a couple of days, then it could be for the following reasons:

1 It wasn’t true to begin with;

2 It didn’t serve the purposes of the Progressive agenda; or

3 It was damaging to their policies or its’ representative. (If you want some really good examples of this, watch MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, or even the unrighteous “Reverend” Al Sharpton if you want to see what I mean.)

Horace Greeley would have had a stroke if he knew what had happened to “all the news that’s fit to print!”, and he’s dead! I wonder if Greeley would have considered it ethical to release state secrets to try to embarrass a President who wasn’t one of them? Makes you wonder! Adeiu!

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