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What do we know and not know about Barrack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro?

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We DO NOT know precisely where he was born, although that really doesn’t matter. We DO know that he is ineligible to be President of the United States under Article II, Section 1 of our Constitution. A “natural-born” citizen is not defined per se in the Constitution, but this term was defined by the US Supreme Court in the case of Minor v, Happersett, decided in 1874. BOTH parents MUST be citizens (either native-born or naturalized) at the time of birth for the offspring to be considered ‘natural-born.’ Since BHO’s papa was a British subject (with Kenya then being a British colony) at the time of junior’s birth, Barry was (and is) not a ‘natural-born’ citizen. And just so you don’t think I’m being biased or racist or partisan, he is not alone here — Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Bobby Jindal join him in being ineligible to be President due to the status of their parents at the time of their births.

We DO know that documents that purportedly prove his citizenship — his Selective Service Registration and his Birth Certificate — are not genuine articles, and although he never established residency in the state, BHO holds a Connecticut Social Security Number (starting with 043) that was never(?) issued. He doesn’t have a SSN with Hawaii’s first 3 numbers (575-576), even though his first job, which would have required him to have a SSN, was at a Baskin-Robbins store dishing ice cream in Hawaii when he was still in High School. SSN 042-68-4425, the one being used by Obama, has been flagged by E-verify as invalid (never issued).

We DO NOT know if he was adopted by his stepfather, although we DO know he attended school in Indonesia as an Indonesian (and a Muslim) under his alias above. If he was, then his shaky US citizenship would have to have been renounced as Indonesia didn’t let non-citizens attend school (and didn’t recognize dual citizenship.)

We DO NOT know his traveling accommodations after his birth. His mother traveled to Seattle to attend UW shortly after his birth. Immigration records are mysteriously missing for the week of his birth, and passport and his visa records have been sealed. Why?

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We DO NOT know if his mother actually married, or, if so, actually divorced Barrack Obama, Sr. as these records are not available. Why?

We DO NOT know under what passport(s) (or even the country/countries that issued them) he traveled in the 1980’s. It could not have been a US passport if he traveled to Pakistan as he claims because Pakistan was one of several countries that we would not grant visas for back then.

We DO NOT know under what circumstances he registered at Occidental College, Columbia University, or Harvard University. Did he register as a foreign student and take advantage of scholarships intended only for foreign-born students? We also DO NOT know of anyone who remembers him from Occidental College or Columbia University. And we also DO NOT know about his courses of study at these vaunted places of higher learning, who paid his tuition, what grades he got, what his thesis was about, or how he got any scholarships, if any. What articles did he write as editor of the Harvard Law Review? We DO NOT know!

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